Sexy or Provocative?

Sexy or Provocative?

Wearing a hot smocking dress, walking on the streets of Mumbai, feeling confident about myself and suddenly a rowdy stranger calls me “Sexy”. My immediate reaction was to just ignore, keep my head low and walk away. But the remark made me question the dress I wore, was it too provoking to attract such comments?

“Sexy” is just a mindset. It’s the way you interpret the term, it could either mean something “sexually provoking” or “pleasing to the eyes”, generally acceptable meaning is the former one. Ads and billboards are storming with provocative actions, clothes and feelings. An actress indulges into eating mango, sucking the dripping mango with her tongue and making expressions as if she is getting an orgasm. Entire ad world nowadays is based around the idea “I feel sexiest when __________”, I apply a deo, I drink cola or I take bubble bath. If the society is becoming so open to watching such ads on television then definitely the idea of sexy must have changed over a period from the power of first 3 letters to something called as appealing fashion. And yet, we cannot walk around on the roads in short skirts.

I once was dating a guy who kept staring at my cleavage….when I got mad at him, he said that if you didn’t want me to stare then why did you wear such a dress. Well, just because we want attention, we don’t want men to keep staring like a perv. Appreciate the beauty but don’t make women uncomfortable. Moreover, I personally feel that secretly we all know that a man would sleep in bed with any woman no matter what she is wearing; she just needs to be willing. So, we probably wear sexy clothes so as to make other woman jealous.

The weirder part is that why is Sexy always associated with women? What if men wear clothes that highlighted their private parts or are just bare minimum (they can roam around shirtless as well), what would you call such men? Sexy or pervert? If women look at them and make lewd comments, men unlike women tend to feel a sense of pride physically and sexually.

So anyways, it’s all right for a man to dress up in a provocatively masculine way and still be treated with dignity and respect but a woman wearing a short skirt would be called a slut. We woman just dress to be fashionable and wear clothes that look trendy even if it’s short dresses, why can’t men just be civilized for once and accept our style as is without P’s and S’s?