Q:Who was your role model as a child an how did that help in being a model?

Sonia: My role model was not a model but an actress Madhuri dixit.. I was always inspired by her cause I believed she was a complete package of beauty with talent… I thought of becoming an actress like her but it just happened that i ended up as a model… but now i am even putting my foot forward to acting as well. let’s see where is takes me.

Q: What did your parent first think of you being a model and where they supportive?

Sonia: my parents never had a clue that i will become a model.. they always knew that i wanted to be somewhere down the media line but not a model.. initially they were little worried with modeling as they felt it’s not safe for girls , but my mom thought ok let’s give a try and support me and she accompanied me to two three auditions and gradually when i started shooting and got paid for my work they felt it’s not bad as they thought it to be so my family became supportive and started motivating me with my profession.

Q:If you were not a model, what other profession would you have been doing instead?

Sonia: if i was not a model then it’s difficult to say what i would have been doing .. cause i started modeling when i was a 1st year college student so my mind had already gone towards this profession that i never got to think of anything else.

Q:How do you cope under the pressures of being a model?

Sonia: Modeling is my passion so it’s never a pressure for me no matter if i am shooting back to back with improper sleep still I don’t feel pressurized , infect I feel amazing to get lot of work .it makes one feel as if u are a good model that is why you get lot of work.

Q:What do you feel about GlamHunt being a platform to encourage models to achieve their goals?

Sonia: GlamHunt is an amazing site it really helps models, actors,photographers and other industry professionals to promote thier talent, The advantages of this site is that we don’t just register our-self for free but the people associated with the portal promote us on various networking sites, which help us to become more popular and famous.. I uploaded my folio and i felt really great to become popular around the world.. thanx a lot team GlamHunt.

Name : Srishti Rana

Age : 20

City : Faridabad

Profession : Student

Interests : Painting, Music and hanging out with my friends.

Crowned : Pond’s Femina Miss India Delhi 2013: 2nd runner-up

Q: Tell us about your career as model. How did you get started?

Srishti Rana:  i have never had a career in modeling. i just got selected for miss India Delhi 2013 earlier in January and it brought me to the TOP 5 of miss India 2013. miss India had always been my dream but i never really thought of taking up modeling as a career. now having the success of being in top 5 i would like to consider a little bit of modeling as i am also studying right now.

Q: What are your goals as a model? How do you see yourself progress in this field?

Srishti Rana: as a model i have just started. i would just want to give my best and do quality work.

Q: If you weren’t a model, what would you want to do?

Srishti Rana: if not a safest option are my studies. i believe education is most important and i would continue with my higher studies.

Q: When you’re not busy modeling, what are some of your favorite things to do?

Srishti Rana:i love to paint when i have free time. i use glass paints, oil paints to make something out of my imagination. Other things which i love to do include listening music, reading and spending time with my family and friends.

Q: What is your favorite fashion trend this season?

Srishti Rana: floral prints are quite in these days and i totally love them. my another Favorite fashion trend is lace tops and dresses. i love pastel shades.

Q: What are your hopes & aspirations for the future?

Srishti Rana: for the future i just wish to be the best at whatever i choose to it modelling, acting or my studies for that matter. i wish to see a very successful phase in my life really soon.

Q: What does GLAMHUNT mean to you?

Srishti Rana: GLAMHUNT is a great platform to give a start to my modeling career. i had heard of GLAMHUNT earlier and so i thought of going for it.

Her GlamHunt Profile :

Rinks. Does the name ring a bell? It may or may not. Well, this 20 plus teenager from Gujarat on the glam block has just joined the big march for Bollywood stardom.

“I know there are so many new-comers trying to break into Bollywood and there are several others who are all set to reach in Mumbai. But I’m not afraid of competition No one can replace your hard-work and destiny. I know I’m good at my professional commitments which is why I’m sure I’ll be successful here one day,” quipped Rinks flashing a wide smile but with a touch of modesty.

So, why did Rinks thought of taking a plunge into the big quadrangle of Bollywood. “I was an avid watcher of TV and loved to see Bollywood stars with all their filmi regalia mesmerising the audience. So, I wanted to be a part of this exciting field, said Rinks.

Did her parents object her decision to join Bollywood? ” My father had objected to my decision. But my mother had always supported mye to be an actress,” said Rinks who has done several commercial photo-shoots.

“My main concentration is on Bollywood. But I’ll not shy away if a meaty character offered to me in TV,” said Rinks as a matter of
Rinks loves Madhuri Dixit for her over-all acting calibre. “I love Mumbai for its vibrancy,” she told.

As a conversation with Trisha Pandey.

Q: How did you get started in modeling?

Lakshmi : Well It is quite interesting I met a very famous Model and Actor at Delhi Airport and he told me I have a Charming Face I should try my hand in modelling and get a portfolio done and suggested me name of A very famous photographer from Delhi Suvo Das Rest is History Suvo DaDa’s photography is magical :)

Q: What has been your breakout opportunity?

Lakshmi : Well,my very first portfolio made me the main face of a Beauty Product  called Natures Essence and its been quite some years and I still remain their Main Face.People still remember that first picture of mine :)
Q: What is your advice for others starting their modeling careers?

Lakshmi : Well the only advise would be to give time to this career and have focus modelling is not a timepass profession One has to take care of Body Skin and further one has to have a individual style statement  and above all PASSION

Q: What do you like most about modeling?

Lakshmi : Well its wonderful to look beautiful and different everyday :) It makes u feel like a Diva :) I love looking Beautiful like any other women and appreciation is welcome :)

and yes one gets to travel a lot I love travelling :)

Q: Do you have any techniques that you use to calm your nerves before a shoot or show?

Lakshmi : Well when you know you have it so u flaut it Be You.The very reason one is modelling is becoz you have something different and amazing about you.So enjoy every singe curve of your body and feature of your face pose Naturally I think the results would be awesome :)

Q: What is your favorite restaurant in Mumbai??

Lakshmi : I love street food :) vada pav n chat and all :)

Q: How do you spend your free time?

Lakshmi : Iam a writer too so I prefer writing in my free time.I also love dancing and cooking so I keep doing stuff that make me happy :) all the time.Iam a free bird who is flying in different directions and living every dream of hers :).

Q: What is your must-have beauty product?

Lakshmi : A cleanser Moisturiser and Toner is a must have, Further Kajal  and Sunscreen also a must.Healthy Skin with a Kajal looks the best :)

Q: What is your favorite fashion trend this season?

Lakshmi : I love bright colors this summer wear lot of orange green yellow white and club it with some cool accessories n a great skin :) u will look supercool



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