Childhood crushes always remain special, and it isn’t any different for Vivek Oberoi. The actor expressed his admiration for Juhi Chawla on the sets of ‘India’s Best Dramebaaz’. Upon meeting Juhi up, close and personal on the sets of Zee TV’s ‘India’s Best Dramebaaz’, Vivek couldn’t contain his emotions.

‘I had a huge crush on you after watching ‘Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak’,’ Vivek told Juhi after watching her shake a leg to ‘Gazab ka hai din’ from the same film, which completed 25 years since its release April 29. Juhi, however, laughed out loud saying: ‘You mean you had a crush on me when you were 10 years old?’ Vivek is now 36. ‘I very clearly remember watching the film as a kid, and had a huge crush on Juhi’s character. She became the epitome of the woman I aspired to date.

Even back then, her vivacious ways and cute smile were so endearing that I think all the boys in India fell in love with her,’ said Vivek, who is a judge on the reality show. The actress was on the show to promote her upcoming film ‘Hum Hai Rahi Car Ke’ along with her co-stars, Dev Goel and Adah Sharma. The trio were amazed by the wholesome talent on the show and were full of praises for all the kids. The special episode will be aired Sunday.

 With the backdrop of the first registered encounter by the Mumbai police, ‘Shootout At Wadala’ tells the story of a notorious gangster of the 70s Manya Surve and his police encounter. Based on gang rivalry, the film gives a sneak peek into the mafia world of the 70s when underworld ruled the streets of Mumbai.
Taking inspiration from real life characters, the film takes you on a journey of how it all began in the 70s with Haji Mastan and his gang ruling the underworld. And, later how an innocent man Manya Surve turned into the most fearful gangster of Mumbai.

We have listed 15 corny lines from this gangster drama.

1. “Police ki goli mein itna loha hai ki ek baar thok di toh khoon mein kabhi iron ki kami nahi hogi,” says Anil Kapoor (ACP Ishaque Bagwan) to Manoj Bajpayee (Zubair Imtiaz Haskar) when the later tells him that Police is of no use. (There is so much iron in the bullets that if one gets shot there is no dearth of iron in his blood)

2. “Aaj mujhe pata chala ki vardi ka rang khakhi kyu hota hai, taaki ispe koi bhi hag de”, says Anil Kapoor (ACP Ishaque Bagwan) to his senior Jackie Shroff.

3. “Ek hijre ke haath mein bandook ho toh vo apne aap ko mard samajhta hai aur ek gundey ke haath mei bandook ho toh khud ko khuda samajhta hai”, says Anil Kapoor (ACP Ishaque Bagwan). (If a eunuch has a gun in his hand he starts to think that he is a man and if a goon has a gun in his hand, he thinks he is god)

4.“Sabko hero banna hai. Ye Amitabh Bachchan ne sabki m** thok daali”, says Mahesh Manjrekar when the policemen gear up to attack the goons. (Everyone wants to be a hero)

5. “Itni tehzeeb mein bhi tezaab hai”, tells a character to Mahesh Manjrekar in reference to Anil Kapoor (ACP Ishaque Bagwan).

6. “Jail mein nirdosh or r**di mein nirodh, dono ki koi value nahi”, says Tusshar (Munir) to John Abraham (Manya Surve) when he tells the former that he is innocent.

7. “Kaam kya karega? Badan mein 206 haddi aur savidhaan mein 1670 kanoon..kuch bhi todh sakta hoon”, says Abraham (Manya Surve) to Manoj Bajpayee (Zubair Imtiaz Haskar). (There are 206 bones in the body and 1670 laws in the constitution. I can break any of these.)

8. “Jagah jagah moot karke kutte apna ilaka batate hai, sher kabse aisa karne lage?,” says John Abraham (Manya Surve) to Sonu Sood (Dilawar Imtiaz Haskar) during an argument. (Dogs mark their territory by urinating, since when did lions begin to do this?)

9. “Main vo Bruce hoon jisne 8 saal se lee nahi..dekhoon ye purza chalta bhi hai,” says Tusshar (Munir) to John Abraham (Manya Surve) when the two visit a brothel.

10. “Aisi koi Police ki jeep bani nahi jo mujhe yaha se le jaye..Thik hai ambulance mein le jaunga”, tells a goon to Anil Kapoor (ACP Ishaque Bagwan) and the latter replies back. (There is no Police jeep that can take me out of my den. Okay, then I will take you out in an ambulance)

11. “Saand kitna bhi akela ho uski hifazat ke liye hamesh bhaand hote hai”, says John Abraham (Manya Surve) to his gang.

12. “Is ghar ki do hi cheez famous hai, aai ka chicken aur aai ka chikna”, says John Abraham’s brother to their mother.

13. “Sach akalmand nahi par jhooth ki tarah buzdil bhi nahi”, says Anil Kapoor. (The truth might not be wise but it is not a coward like a lie)

14. “Ye Veera hai..saale mein itna muscle hai ki kisi ko bhi masal sakta hai”, says Tusshar (Munir) to Abraham (Manya Surve) when he introduces him to Veera, a jail inmate.

15. “Agar khakhee ki izzat karta toh aaj khakh mei nai milta”, tells Anil Kapoor to John Abraham after the encounter. (If you would have respected the Police, you would not have been killed)


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