An Interview with Actor & Model Lakshmi R Iyer

An Interview with Actor & Model Lakshmi R Iyer

Q: How did you get started in modeling?

Lakshmi : Well It is quite interesting I met a very famous Model and Actor at Delhi Airport and he told me I have a Charming Face I should try my hand in modelling and get a portfolio done and suggested me name of A very famous photographer from Delhi Suvo Das Rest is History Suvo DaDa’s photography is magical :)

Q: What has been your breakout opportunity?

Lakshmi : Well,my very first portfolio made me the main face of a Beauty Product  called Natures Essence and its been quite some years and I still remain their Main Face.People still remember that first picture of mine :)
Q: What is your advice for others starting their modeling careers?

Lakshmi : Well the only advise would be to give time to this career and have focus modelling is not a timepass profession One has to take care of Body Skin and further one has to have a individual style statement  and above all PASSION

Q: What do you like most about modeling?

Lakshmi : Well its wonderful to look beautiful and different everyday :) It makes u feel like a Diva :) I love looking Beautiful like any other women and appreciation is welcome :)

and yes one gets to travel a lot I love travelling :)

Q: Do you have any techniques that you use to calm your nerves before a shoot or show?

Lakshmi : Well when you know you have it so u flaut it Be You.The very reason one is modelling is becoz you have something different and amazing about you.So enjoy every singe curve of your body and feature of your face pose Naturally I think the results would be awesome :)

Q: What is your favorite restaurant in Mumbai??

Lakshmi : I love street food :) vada pav n chat and all :)

Q: How do you spend your free time?

Lakshmi : Iam a writer too so I prefer writing in my free time.I also love dancing and cooking so I keep doing stuff that make me happy :) all the time.Iam a free bird who is flying in different directions and living every dream of hers :).

Q: What is your must-have beauty product?

Lakshmi : A cleanser Moisturiser and Toner is a must have, Further Kajal  and Sunscreen also a must.Healthy Skin with a Kajal looks the best :)

Q: What is your favorite fashion trend this season?

Lakshmi : I love bright colors this summer wear lot of orange green yellow white and club it with some cool accessories n a great skin :) u will look supercool