I am a big fan of India,” Says Melica Amina Miss Iran

I am a big fan of India,” Says Melica Amina Miss Iran

Indian culture is the beauty of india

Hello Mumbai reporter Glory Katmala
meets the gorgeous Melica Amina Miss Iran to know her up-close and
personnel.  She says: “I love India very much and Indian industry too
because it is similar like Persian culture.”

Since how long you are in this field?

I am in this field from past 12 years. Started as Model, Dancer,
Performer and now I aspire to become an actor. I want to start my acting
career from Bollywood. I think India is the best place to start my
acting career.

Do you always wanted to become a model or something else?

No, I always wanted to become a dancer, I was very much interested in dance since childhood.

What gave you that initial motive to be a model?

My friends encouraged me to get into modelling according to them my
height and look are perfect for modelling  and moreover my mom also
supported me. She sused to say if u believe then go ahead. I am happy to
be a Miss Iran of 2009.

Describe yourself in one word?

Very hard working and a strong human being.

Your ideal model, whom do you look up for?

Medona, because she lives her life like me. From India Divya Bharti and
Priyanka Chopra are an amazing actor and in guys Akshay Kumar and Amir

What has been the hardest part of your career?

The hardest part was at the start of my carrier. When you are new in
any profession, one is always unaware how to deal with people and
situation that come across. I thank God that my Mother was always there
for me.  Today most difficult and challenging part is to maintain your
position in the market.

What are your future plans and ambitions? 

My plans so far is to find a good opportunity in Indian market and
launch myself in Indian film industry because I’m very much close to
Indian culture and people I think I understand Indian people.

Did you get offer from Big boss?

Yes, I have an offer from Big Boss but that will not be the proper way
to launch myself in Indian market. If I want to launch myself it will be
as dancer or performer.  I am not interested reality shows

How are you different from others?

“I might not be the best but I’m definitely different from the rest”

Melica says: India is a great country with great culture, heritage and history.
What I see that today’s new generation try to be westernised and they
don’t appreciate their own culture. Indian attitude, history is very
excellent and I really want the new generation to appreciate their own
country and don’t  imitate western culture or life style . Indian
culture is the beauty of India. I hope new generation will stick to
their. India is 7000 year old whereas US is around only 1000 years old
then why Indian imitates foreign culture.

Source : hellomumbaionline.com